Nerds on a beach!

Julie and Amanda head to a dream Hawaiian vacation expecting to relax, soak up some sun, and recover from their everyday lives. What they do not expect to find on the beach: Julie's work husband, Alan, and Amanda's ex-fiance, Jeremy.

With the unexpected onset of eye-sex between Julie and Alan, and the way Jeremy wants to revisit taking "no" for an answer, it's anyone's guess who'll go home with who. And what happens in Hawaii...almost certainly won't stay in Hawaii!


These companion novellas can be read in any order.


A NSFW Excerpt from Mai Tai for Two

Copyright 2014 Delphine Dryden. All rights reserved Harlequin S.A.


She could feel his cock pressing against her butt, still crazy hard and ready, bent slightly to his left. Did he dress it to the left? She’d never noticed. What else had she been missing, in her efforts to ignore what was right in front of her? The intent look on his face…was that new or had it been there all along? His body, neither muscle-bound nor stringy but simply fit, capable-looking, like a healthy young animal. And his hands…on her breasts, on her hips, moving in exactly the right ways. Ways she hadn’t even realized were the perfect ones until she experienced them.

“You’re gonna ruin me,” she whispered, then instantly wished she hadn’t. Too much, too soon, too definitive. They hadn’t even gotten to the big stuff. And how could Alan ruin her? He was the comfortable guy, the known quantity. Well-worn sneakers, not the killer boots you saved a month to buy because you couldn’t live without them. She wanted to be a killer boots kind of girl. But oh, those sneakers felt perfect when you slipped your tired feet into them after a day in pretty heels.

“Ruining you, yes. That’s my diabolical plan.” He slid his fingers from her rear to stroke his thumb over her clit, finding it after a minimal amount of searching. His touch wasn’t cautious, but it was careful. As in, full of care. He was thoughtful about it, studying her reactions, possibly waiting to see if she might bolt. “Distract you with mai tais and orgasms until you forget you think I’m a dork.”

“You are a dork. Oh…”

“Right there?”

“Oh God.”

“Harder? Softer?” He grinned. He knew what he was doing, and he was obviously just fucking with her because he could.

“Shut up.” Julie slapped her palm flat against his chest, then left it there, needing the support. His gaze was a heavy thing, full of new importance, almost too much to bear except that the weight was so delicious. She could have stayed there, suspended in that moment, on the very edge of more than just an orgasm, and never needed anything else in her entire life.

But he moved his thumb, harder, softer, tipping her over like the pushover she was. It came slowly, a tumble not a plunge, pleasure coursing through her while she writhed, exposed. Such a private thing, an orgasm, or so Julie had always thought. You were only really ever having it with yourself. Even during sex, climaxes had always had a masturbatory feel to her, as though she reached a certain point beyond which she was mainly only using the other person to get off with. Which was great fun. But this time she felt truly naked, dependent, like she was giving Alan a look at parts of her that nobody had ever seen, and trusting him to take care of them for her. Letting him reach right in and fondle things that had only a peripheral relationship to her erogenous zones.

At one point he whispered, “No, open your eyes,” though Julie hadn’t remembered closing them. She was frozen there, shivering through the continuing thrills, braced on her hand, feeling Alan’s breath and racing heartbeat through her palm. So much goodness was happening between her legs and everywhere else that she couldn’t think straight.

One thumb. Jesus Christ.