When in Rio

Note to self: Don't have a kinky,emotional conference fling with my smoking hot boss. 




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Dryden’s romances are always whip-smart and playfully sexy, and her Giddyup series about kinky cowboys and a struggling dude ranch is no exception.
— RT Book Reviews
...an excellent blend of erotic tension and character development.
— Sarah - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
Every book in this series has been a little bit different, but a lot of sexy fun.
— Straight Shootin' Book Reviews
a rollicking tropical romp of a novella
— Harlequin Junkie
...go along for the ride and enjoy the red-hot sex and the warmth and vulnerability of the whole cast.
— Publishers Weekly

The Escape books are currently unavailable but will be re-released very soon!

...this romantic adventure shines, thanks to memorable characters, nifty steampunk technology, and undeniable chemistry between the leads
— Publishers Weekly
Ms. Dryden creates a beautiful, sensual world...the perfect blending of sexual and emotional. This is erotic romance at its best.
— Long and Short Reviews

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