❤️❤️❤️ WHEN IN RIO is back! ❤️❤️❤️

Cover of When in Rio

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the re-release of WHEN IN RIO, one of my very first books. It's been off the shelves for about four years, but now it's back, baby! 

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Jack isn’t just a crush—he’s my boss, and office romances are trouble. Not that he’s ever made a move before. Not that I would ever make one. He’s a temptation I have to resist. Except… Here we are, at a conference in gorgeous, romantic Rio, and why did it take me this long to realize he’s a dom? 

So we have a conference fling. It happens, right? I’m a sub, he’s a dom, we’re both single and consenting. It’s beyond good, and when we leave Rio, it’ll all be a very happy memory. 

I’m sure I’ll keep my cool about it. I’m sure it will be no problem at all for our work relationship. No. Problem. At. All.

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Excerpt? Of course there's an excerpt! Enjoy :-)