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It’s the dog days of summer, those last few weeks before sweater weather returns when dragonflies flit over ponds, fireflies light up the nights, and you’ve got the absolute best book to read while hiding out from life. Here's the perfect place to pick that next ebook…or two…or three in your favorite genre to finish out the season!


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❤️❤️❤️ WHEN IN RIO is back! ❤️❤️❤️

Cover of When in Rio

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the re-release of WHEN IN RIO, one of my very first books. It's been off the shelves for about four years, but now it's back, baby! 

Cut to the chase and ONE-CLICK IT NOW

Or read more about it: 

Jack isn’t just a crush—he’s my boss, and office romances are trouble. Not that he’s ever made a move before. Not that I would ever make one. He’s a temptation I have to resist. Except… Here we are, at a conference in gorgeous, romantic Rio, and why did it take me this long to realize he’s a dom? 

So we have a conference fling. It happens, right? I’m a sub, he’s a dom, we’re both single and consenting. It’s beyond good, and when we leave Rio, it’ll all be a very happy memory. 

I’m sure I’ll keep my cool about it. I’m sure it will be no problem at all for our work relationship. No. Problem. At. All.

Buy your copy now at: 

Amazon     Nook     Kobo     iTunes


Excerpt? Of course there's an excerpt! Enjoy :-)



When in Rio - Coming back July 24th!


I couldn't be more excited! After years off the shelves, my first (ish) sale book WHEN IN RIO comes back out July 24th. I'm hard at work updating it, so look for more snippets and teasers in the next few weeks. Newsletter subscribers will get an exclusive sneak-preview excerpt, so sign up now

The cover reveal will happen on my Facebook page on July 10th (members of my reader group may get an early peek at some details). Between then and release day look for more snippets, pre-order links, and contest goodness! 

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