My (formerly) Riptide Titles

Quick status update on my two books with Riptide Publishing. I'd previously announced that my contracted (not-yet-released) title there had been pulled. I have now also received rights back to my two "Escape" series books, The Unicorn and Top to Bottom

My plan for these two books is to self-publish them so I can get them back out in the wild as quickly as possible. Because this was a multi-author series (Christine d'Abo wrote the first of the three books) there may be some sort of bundle plan; we haven't worked that out yet. But I wanted to let everyone know that I no longer have any titles with Riptide (the books may appear at retailers for a few more days until they all come down; this is normal, as the publisher can't really control the speed at which the retailers respond to having books pulled). It will also take me a few days to update the book pages on my site, so bear with me!