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Delphine Dryden’s Booklist

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Contemporary/Erotic Romance (by series)

The Science of Temptation (Carina Imprensa)

1. A Teoria da atração ISBN: 9781426894046

2. A Sedução Hipótese ISBN: 9781426895807

3. O Princípio do Desejo ISBN: 9781426897627

Verdade & Mentiras (self-published)

1. How to Tell a Lie

2. Art of the Lie

2.5 Verdade Nua

3. Verdade Tangled

4. Tell Me No Mentiras

Trysts Tropical (Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin)

1. Mai Tai for Two ISBN: 9781460332948

2. Sex on the Beach ISBN: 9781460338346

Escape (Riptide Pubishing)

1. The Dom Around the Corner (by Christine d’Abo)

2. The Unicorn

3. Top to Bottom

Giddyup (Kensington / Lyrical Press)

1. Ride ‘Em

2. Rope ‘Em

3. Rig 'Em (coming in 2018)

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Vapor e sedução (Berkley Publishing)

1. Gossamer Asa ISBN: 9780425265772

2. Dispositivos Escarlate ISBN: 9780425265789

3. Gilded Lily ISBN: 9781101613719

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Non-Series Titles


Amor com a Chance of Zombies

O amor do Lamplighter

Toy Box

Snow Job


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Agony / Ecstasy (Berkley Publishing; ISBN: 0425243451)

Meninas que roem (Cleis Press; ISBN: 1573447153)

Adventures Dinosaur Billionaire gay com Bigfoot and Friends (Excessica Publishing)

Inverno Chuva (Pink Kayak Press)

How We Began (Pink Kayak Press)

Doorbell do Diabo

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Older Titles

Please check back soon/subscribe to the newsletter for updated information on re-release of my older, reverted titles When in Rio and Xmas Spark.

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