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2014MaiTaiforTwo     2014SexontheBeach     GildedLily_comp.indd

Contemporary Erotic Romance

The Science of Temptation

The Science of Temptation Series: Sometimes, love really can be like rocket science…

Houston’s hot, but the geeky nerds and nerdy geeks who live near the Medical Center are even hotter. Whip-crackin’ hot, to be precise. Although it may take some of them a little longer to realize it than others.

Whips, chains, cuffs and crops are all on one side of the equation. On the other side, hopefully: Love.

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2014TheoryAttraction     2014SeductionHypothesis     2014PrincipleDesire

Tropical Trysts

Two sizzling-hot, beachy, geeky romances from Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin.
Nerds on a beach!

2014MaiTaiforTwo        2014SexontheBeach

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Steam & Seduction

Untitled-1     2014ScarletDevices     GildedLily_comp.indd


2014TheoryAntho     2014GirlsWhoBite     2014agonyNescstasy


Non-fiction/Writing Craft


Coming Soon

In winter 2014 I’ll have a few short pieces coming out in anthologies; first up will be the “Winter Rain” multi-author antho to benefit RAINN. Watch this space and the “News” page for updates!

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I’m hard at work on a proposal for a new series of full-length erotic romance novels. San Francisco. Foodies. Nerds. Evil landlords. Probably kink. Just about anything could happen. Stay tuned!

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