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Contemporary / Erotic Romance

The Science of Temptation

Sometimes, love really can be like rocket science…

Houston’s hot, but the geeky nerds and nerdy geeks who live near the Medical Center are even hotter. Whip-crackin’ hot, to be precise. Although it may take some of them a little longer to realize it than others.

Whips, chains, cuffs and crops are all on one side of the equation. On the other side, hopefully: Love.

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2014TheoryAttraction     2014SeductionHypothesis     2014PrincipleDesire


Truth & Lies

The original nerdmances, in a range of kink levels from “Just cyberin'” to “Holy crap I didn’t know you could do THAT with a home gym!”

Small-town folks with big-city dreams. And usually, the biggest lies are the ones they’re telling themslves.

HowToTellALie-200x300     ArtOfTheLife-200x300     NakedTruth-200x300

TangledTruth-200x300     TellMeNoLies-200x300


Tropical Trysts

Two sizzling-hot, beachy, geeky romances from Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin.
Nerds on a beach!

9781460332948       9781460338346



Steam & Seduction

Like your history alternate, your fashions Victorianesque, and your romance with extra steam? Then you’ve come to the right place. Get yer red-hot melodrama, now featuring extra gadgetry and even the occasional cephalopod!

Untitled-1     2014ScarletDevices     GildedLily_comp.indd


LoveWithaChanceofZombies     Intermezzo_Web     LamplightersLove_Web     ToyBox


2014GirlsWhoBite     2014agonyNescstasy     Winter Rain     GayBillionaire

Non-fiction / Writing Craft


Recommended Reads

Not sure where to start? Here are some recommendations:

BDSM Erotic Romance

Low commitment: start with TOY BOX, a delightful short novella about a married couple reclaiming their kink on a rare weekend without the kids.

Ready to jump right in? Go for THE THEORY OF ATTRACTION, the Romantic Times award-winning first book in the Science of Temptation series.

Or sample a range of kink levels from zero to Holy Wow in the Truth & Lies series. Start with HOW TO TELL A LIE.

Like your kink ultralight and Christmas-tree scented? SNOW JOB is a holiday reunion romance, with spanking! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like spanking.

Contemporary Romance

Just want a sample? INTERMEZZO is a short novella about second-chance romance, set in Paris.

Or go for Tropical Trysts, a pair of novellas starring four lovelorn nerds on vacation in Hawaii. Start with MAI TAI FOR TWO.

Steampunk Romance

Starter novella: THE LAMPLIGHTER’S LOVE, an EPIC finalist that is free in most areas! (If it isn’t free in your area, contact me and I’ll just straight-up send it to you, for free).

Ready to jump right into some steampunky goodness? Go for Steam and Seduction, my steampunk espionage series! Steam and Seduction begins with GOSSAMER WING.

Other Stuff

Just want something short and wacky, but still hot? I got you covered:


Looking for Older Titles?

WHEN IN RIO (and the bonus holiday novella XMAS SPARK) are not currently for sale, but have now reverted from the original publisher–check back for information on re-release dates!


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